Messages Of Hope (2012​-​16)

by Alex Wondergem

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Messages of Hope is about finding truth, my reality. I found it through art. Each creation reveals a message that leads to the next chapter. In a way it’s a diary of my journey of the past four years. It’s a record of my mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Life is more than what we’ve been taught and as long as we are conscious of that andact of it, we’ll be good. This is my journey. Love to the Most High!


released October 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Alex Wondergem Ghana

Raised by a Dutch father and Ga mother in Africa.

Now I'm on my journey.

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Track Name: Somebody Makes the Rules
I really don’t see life in that sense you know? Just accepting? Because we know that somebody makes the rules. You know? If the people realize that life is more than just working for the next man, until he retire and pension. I mean you know? Working is good, you know but we have to have something.
Track Name: No Medicine
And then there after I went to Britain and during the course of my studies. I came to terms with the quotation from Thomas Edison, who said “The doctor of the future, will give no medicine. He would influence his patience in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the prevention of disease.
Track Name: We Don't Have a Vision
We’ve got a movement, that is far more reactionary, far more regressive, far more conservative, than what we have 30 years ago, so I don’t think that is faint forward, but we are gonna change, were gonna change that with your help, with all of us we’re gonna do this is a communal effort and its not going to be, it;s no gonna be a matter of organization, of organizations with donate buttons. The only thing you can contribute that matters is you. That the only thing that matters. you money is irrelevant, the problem is never the money, the movement has got tons, and tons and tons and tons of money. Money is not the problem the problem is vision, we don’t have a vision.
Track Name: Internal>External
I have a special message for yo al hear today. You know, it doesn’t matter, if the world appears to be lost. It only matters, that you have found peace. This is an issue of perception, this is an issue of internal reality. Internal realty meaning that peace must be found within in the first place, before it can materialize on the external but also that perception is based upon the external, and the influences that the external have have on what we may think is taking place, ok? Again, it does not matter if the world appears to be lost, it only matters that you have found peace.